Physicians within the Health Quest system provide innovative, multidisciplinary treatment plans to close acute and chronic wounds and prevent amputation. 
Under the leadership of Mark Ginsburg, MD, Chief of Thoracic Surgery, the division has grown in size and scope to the benefit of patients throughout the Hudson Valley.
Two first-rate practices — White Plains Hospital Physician Associates Oncology and Hematology and White Plains Hospital Physician Associates Cancer and Blood Specialists of New York — join forces to provide innovative treatments and teach the public about the importance of cancer research.
For physicians who prefer to perform orthopedic surgery as part of a dedicated team focused on patient care, Vassar Brothers Medical Center (VBMC) is the perfect destination.
Boosted by its Level III-accredited Charles A. Mastronardi Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), White Plains Hospital keeps newborns near home by providing comprehensive maternal and neonatal care to local residents, as well as those from nearby counties.
In January 2012, Glenn Leslie, DO, Medical Director of Mahwah Medical and Director of Occupational Medicine at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center, made a decision that would change the way he practices medicine, allowing him to streamline patient care and expand his treatment capabilities.
Through sophisticated technology, a team approach to care and a new model centered on uniform adoption of best practices to enhance overall outcomes, cardiac specialists at Vassar Brothers Medical Center provide comprehensive cardiac services to patients throughout the Hudson Valley.
Trained in trauma surgery as well as minimally invasive, innovative joint replacement techniques, Arup K. Bhadra, M.D., handles any orthopedic issue he encounters with precision and sensitivity to patients’ needs.
Northern Westchester Hospital is the first hospital in the Hudson Valley to acquire the latest innovation in Gamma Knife technology. Known as the Perfexion, this advanced stereotactic radiosurgery system speeds up the treatment process while also reducing the risk of collateral damage — even for complex lesions.
Effective cancer care rarely relies on any one treatment. Instead, it is the result of established, and sometimes innovative, multimodal methods. The multidisciplinary team at the Dyson Center for Cancer Care at Vassar Brothers Medical Center avails the right tools in the hands of the right specialists to expertly treat gynecologic and breast cancers.
The benefits of robot-assisted surgery — including minimal blood loss, less pain and faster recovery — have become increasingly well known. At the Institute for Robotic and Minimally Invasive Surgery at Northern Westchester Hospital, Iris Wertheim, M.D., FACOG, Director of Gynecologic Oncology, offers these and other advantages to patients diagnosed with cancer.
Demonstrating its commitment to achieving the best outcomes for patients by staying ahead of the technological curve, the Institute for Robotic and Minimally Invasive Surgery at Northern Westchester Hospital has added the latest in robot-assisted surgical technology.
Since May 2012, the Center for Robotic Surgery at Saint Francis Hospital has offered patients the most state-of-the-art option for minimally invasive surgery. The high-definition da Vinci Si Surgical System provides patients in Dutchess County a unique option for a wide range of gynecological, oncological, thoracic, urological and general surgical procedures.
In light of recent reform efforts, the health care industry is increasingly becoming an ideal environment for the continued growth and development of MIS. While procedural effectiveness is on par with many more open techniques, MIS typically results in shorter recovery periods. More efficient recovery means fewer resources are used while the patient regains his or her health, including less blood for transfusions and reduced manpower for physician follow-up sessions due to shorter hospital stays.
For many breast cancer patients facing mastectomy, breast reconstruction is an afterthought. surgeons will advise these patients whether to have surgery, when to have surgery and what kind of reconstructive surgeries are available. But Adam T. Silverman, M.D., a plastic and reconstructive surgeon practicing at St. Francis Hospital, asserts that patients should see a plastic surgeon sooner rather than later because knowing the options could help them determine which treatment to choose.
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