Health Quest Brings Next-level Robotic Surgery to the Mid-Hudson Valley

Health Quest is transforming the surgical landscape of the mid-Hudson region with major investments in a pair of technologies that represent the future of minimally invasive, robot-assisted surgery — the da Vinci Si and Xi surgical systems.

Experience and Growth Position Putnam Hospital Center as a Regional Leader in Robotic Surgery

Since the first laparoscopic surgery was performed at Putnam Hospital Center more than 20 years ago, the hospital has remained at the forefront of technological innovation. With the acquisition of the da Vinci Si Surgical System, physicians have expanded the breadth of minimally invasive treatment options in the fields of gynecology, urology and general surgery.

Joseph Fulton, MD, FACS, Brings His Experience and Expertise in Vascular Care Back Home to MidHudson Regional Hospital

With the growth of the Department of Vascular Surgery at MidHudson Regional Hospital as part of the Heart & Vascular Institute at Westchester Medical Center, the local community has expanded access to cutting-edge techniques and dedicated patient care.

Health Quest: Advancing Orthopedic Surgery in the Mid Hudson Region with State-of-the-Art Technology

MAKOplasty — an innovative, robot-assisted modality — provides enhanced surgical precision and markedly faster patient recovery following partial knee resurfacing and total hip replacement procedures.

Westchester Medical Center’s Liver Transplant Program: First Year under New Leadership Leads to 
100 Percent One-Year Survival Rate

Staffed by experienced physicians, the program takes a team approach to performance, efficiency and, most importantly, keeping patients alive.

The Center for Robotic Surgery at Saint Francis Hospital Provides New Minimally Invasive Options for Patients

Since May 2012, the Center for Robotic Surgery at Saint Francis Hospital has offered patients the most state-of-the-art option for minimally invasive surgery. The high-definition da Vinci Si Surgical System provides patients in Dutchess County a unique option for a wide range of gynecological, oncological, thoracic, urological and general surgical procedures.

Minimally Invasive Surgery: Looking Ahead

In light of recent reform efforts, the health care industry is increasingly becoming an ideal environment for the continued growth and development of MIS. While procedural effectiveness is on par with many more open techniques, MIS typically results in shorter recovery periods. More efficient recovery means fewer resources are used while the patient regains his or her health, including less blood for transfusions and reduced manpower for physician follow-up sessions due to shorter hospital stays.