Vassar Brothers Medical Center: Comprehensive Arrhythmia Care for the Mid-Hudson Valley

At Vassar Brothers Medical Center, electrophysiologic expertise and multidisciplinary diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities come together in an Arrhythmia Center that is unmatched in the Mid-Hudson Valley and northwestern Connecticut.

Fueling the Debate on Statin Use in Older Adults

The use of statins for primary cardiovascular disease prevention in adults over age 75 is clouded in uncertainty. A recent study in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that statins may significantly lower mortality risk in older adults. That only underscores the need for a large-scale, prospective, randomized clinical trial, researchers say.

Jason Sperling, MD, Teams with Vassar Brothers Medical Center to Offer Comprehensive Thoracic Aortic Care

The newly established Vassar Aorta Program based at Health Quest’s flagship, Vassar Brothers Medical Center, and led by Jason Sperling, MD, is a regional destination for the diagnosis, long-term management and surgical treatment of thoracic aortic disease.

Sports Cardiology at Health Quest’s Heart Center: Enhancing Performance and Guarding against Exercise-related Risk

Cardiology is not only for people with a history of heart problems. At Health Quest’s Heart Center*, athletes at all levels of competition benefit from the services of specialists and subspecialists who help propel them toward peak cardiovascular performance and assess their risk for unexpected cardiac events.
* The Heart Center, a division of Hudson Valley Cardiovascular Practice, P.C.

Vassar Brothers Medical Center Brings a Leading-edge Structural Heart Procedure to the Mid Hudson Valley

In January 2016, Vassar Brothers Medical Center became one of the first in the region to offer transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), a minimally invasive procedure that can restore quality of life for individuals with critical aortic stenosis.

An All-Star Team Approach to Cardiac Care at Vassar Brothers Medical Center

Through sophisticated technology, a team approach to care and a new model centered on uniform adoption of best practices to enhance overall outcomes, cardiac specialists at Vassar Brothers Medical Center provide comprehensive cardiac services to patients throughout the Hudson Valley.